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Realtors Blog

Realtors Blog

How to accept credit cards for rent Payments

I have owned rental properties for many years and recently we started using a company that allows us to accept credit cards for rent payments. There are pros and cons to accepting credit cards but our tenants love it and they can pay online with many different sources b...

Should you Invest in Real Estate in a Small Town?

There are many pros and cons to investing in a small town as opposed to a larger town. I have many properties in small towns and larger towns and personally, I think the small towns are overlooked based on the many advantages they have. Some of the major differences in ...

Should you invest in real estate when interest rates are high?

With interest rates rising over the last year, it has made it tougher and tougher for real estate investors and owner-occupied home buyers. People need places to live whether they are rentals or personal houses and higher rates make those properties much more expensive ...

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